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NDS Global Teknologi has been committed to always provide the best through high quality products, NDS Engaged in The Important and Export of Product, these medical product are Medical Device for COVID 19 like as Glove, Rapid Test, Mask, ZEPA Antiseptic, Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant, Puchiban, another product. The First Product that we distributed is Medical Product and Equipment for COVID 19 ZEPA is Rapid Test and Sanitizer, Antiseptic and Desinfectant. It has Great Power for kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus that adopt a human Sterilization system, free toxics and Alcohol. This only product that guarantee your security and have breadth Anti Bacteria Spectrum that is very useful for everyday life. We also participate actively in educating and socializing the public about health improvement so as to create better productivity and people’s life. NDS also distribute FMCG Product (Fast Moving Consumer Good)

NDS Global Teknologi is a multinational company engaged in the distribution and manufacturing sector of health care products especially for Medical Product and Equipment for COVID 19 like as Rapid Test, Glove, Mask, disinfectants and antiseptics.

Established since 2018, in Jakarta, Indonesia. NDS Global Teknologi actively participates to improve the quality of people’s life through promoting healthbased preventif and promotive. We believe that through improving effective public health, it will help society. Because health is a core sector that deals with many other public sectors.

  • Excellent in product quality

  • Continuously conduct product research to give best product for customer

  • Improve knowledge and awareness about the importance of health

  • Play an active role to develope and empower society


NDSGlobalTek menyediakan produk Alat Kesehatan Pencegahan COVID-19

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